Tee's - We currently have three fits of tee's. 

  • GOB: Oversized fit, longer sleeves, boxy throughout the body (traditionally more a mens fit tee)
  • Perfect Crewneck: Slimmer fit, shorter sleeves, crew neck. (traditionally more of a women's fit tee)
  • Perfect V-Neck: Relaxed fit, a mid v neck (not too deep, not too short), shorter sleeve (traditionally more of a women's fit)

Hoodies- all androgynous/unisex sizing

Denim- oversized, androgynous sizing 


We ship worldwide. Doesn't matter where you are, we'll get our products to you!

Orders usually ship out 3-5 business days after you place it. (please be easy on us, we're a small company and sometimes this can take awhile, if you need something fast, email us and we'll help you out!) Shipping times vary based on where you are on the map, but if you have any concerns email us. 

At this time we can't take responsibility for lost or stolen packages, delayed delivery or any of that. If your order is shipped back to us, we'll need you to pay a reshipping fee. 

If an item is in pre-sale or back order, we cannot guarantee when it will be shipped out

We're not some big company yet so you'll need to pay all import, duties and customs fee's :( sorry. 


Our return policy is simple. We don't do returns. BUT, we will do exchanges, if your item doesn't fit how you'd like, email us and we will give you instructions on how to exchange! 

If you're sending an item back to us, you should get a tracking number. We cannot guarantee that we will receive the item if you don't and if we don't get it we can't exchange it. We also will not pay for you to ship items back to us, sorry.

Once you we receive the items, we will inspect and then send out the new items.

SO $$$?

Factors in prices: how many units you're making, labour, and where you item is made.

We are a pretty small company, we're not making massive amounts of product. This causes the unit price of an item to increase. We also use ethical and sustainable practices, which unfortunately makes things more pricey for us. But, we want to help the world and not put more garbage in it, so it's worth it. We also like people and want them to be paid fairly, so again, it's worth it. 

All of our items are currently made here in Canada, meaning we know exactly who is making our product, how the factory looks and treats its workers and where the fabric is coming from!

So if you want buy clothes that are well made, going to last you a long time and are made both ethically and sustainably, shop with us :) 

Hey, so you really like our sh*t? That's amazing. If you want to sell us in your store please contact shirin.soltani@unclexstudios.com or allegra.shaw@unclexstudios.com and she'll sort you out.