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How do I send my item back?

After filling out the intake form, you will receive an email from us with your next steps. You will be responsible for shipping your lived-in piece Back to US. Shipping address and additional information will be found in the email. Please ship with the carrier of your choice and monitor the tracking information to ensure it makes its way Back to US. If you are shipping from the US, please mark it as a gift or return as we will not accept any packages that have any duties owing on it.

How will I receive credit and how much will I receive?

When sending your piece Back to US, you will need to include your email address inside the package. We will send you an email containing your gift card for 20% of the purchase price of the item. In addition, we will send you partial reimbursement of your shipping in the form of a flat rate fee. Canadian shippers will receive $10 USD extra, American shippers will receive $15 USD. For example, if you purchased something for $100 USD you will receive $20 USD in the form of a gift card and an additional flat rate shipping fee of $10/$15 for Canadian or American, respectively.

What can I send back?

Your items sent back must be Uncle pieces, past or present, and in repairable condition. If we receive items that are not Uncle or are unrepairable, we will donate these to a fabric recycling factory on your behalf but you will not receive any form of gift card back.

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