About Us

Uncle creates every-day basics with a unique edge for men, women and anyone in between or beyond. We are about high quality, affordable clothing that is both ethically and sustainably made. We fuse art, graphic design and fashion so that you look good and more importantly, feel good. ‘Cause when you feel good, you do good and the world could use a little more good.’

We make most of our clothes here in Canada, from the conception of the design to pattern making to knitting the fabric to putting it on our website for you to shop, it's all done here. The products that aren't made here will have the full background story of who made them and where they were made. We love supporting other entrepreneurs in different parts of the world! We always check to make sure that everything is made ethically when working overseas. We also just switched our packaging to 100% eco-friendly packaging. Please remember when you receive an Uncle order in the mail, recycle the box!