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Uncle Studios creates every day pieces for the modern human. With a transeasonal approach to practical every day pieces, we create garments with eco-conscious fabrics and practices in mind.  

Designed in Toronto, Uncle Studio tries to do good for our environment and community when developing its products. Our pieces are produced with sustainable fabrics with trackable carbon footprints every step of the way. We aren't perfect, but we're trying our best. 

We've partnered with Green Story - a platform that uses algorithms, databases and data to calculate the footprint of our products. They analyze our whole supply chain and compare it against the industry to make sure we are leading the way for conscious clothing manufacturing. 



About Us

Uncle Studios was founded in 2017, in Toronto, Canada. From its inception, Uncle’s mission of extending the feeling of family beyond the traditional sense has been at the heart of everything we do and is a key inspiration for the pieces in our collection. Uncle represents self-development rather than perfection. For Uncle, the beauty of being comes from the ability to never stop growing. Having the right people supporting you along your journey of self-expression is the feeling we work to evoke. 


As a brand, Uncle Studios is continuously working on our transparency with our community, especially regarding production practices. As a small company, we are challenging the fashion industry to not only question their operations, but also take the necessary steps in order to set a higher standard to protect our environment. We are vocal on issues that align with our ethos and will continue to use our platform to speak up and show our support. In order for us to stay true to our values both internally and externally, we foster a culture of respect and communication to ensure our team continuously questions what we do and determine ways in which we can do better to hold ourselves accountable. 


Our primary inspiration comes from our own closets. Collectively, we want to break the wheel in creating products that end up in a landfill at the end of each season. Uncle is about everyday wear done better. We use quality fabricsand ethical labour to produce pieces meant to stay in your closet for a lifetime. Every day we try and live by our motto Be Good. Do Good.